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This New Class Will Absolutely Change Your Business And Your Life. Guaranteed.And To "Sweeten The Pot", I Am Literally Giving You FREE Access To Over $117,420.00 Of My Premium Tools, Templates, Courses, And Strategies Just To "Bribe" You Into Attending.





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Dear Friend,

I'm pretty sure we're on the same email lists ...and we see the same ads.

And if you're seeing what I'm seeing, then ...

You're Probably Seeing Something "New"

About A.I. Every 10 Minutes!

And if you're anything like me, it can be overwhelming.

Don't get me wrong.

...A.I. is cool and all - but do you really need all these tools and apps and programs?

And more importantly ...

What's The Best Way To Turn It Into Sales?


Most people treat A.I. like a new "parlor trick": using it to crank out content that looks like it was made by a robot.

...Or using it to create images and videos that ultimately do nothing more than cause a distraction from what actually makes the cash register ring.


Here's how:

First, we're doing everything based off a formula that was created over 78 years ago.

I don't know why this formula was forgotten ...but it was.

Actually, I think I have an idea why people stopped doing this ...

People Probably Got Distracted By Shiny Objects

...Just Like They're Doing Now!

And you know what?

That's GREAT!

Let 'em be distracted.

It just means this will keep working better for us.

Which is kind of a no-brainer because frankly ...

This Already Works Better Than Anything I've Ever Seen, Period.

That's saying a lot by the way. I've been at this since 1999 ...which is something like four trillion "internet years".

But if you think about it, it's no surprise this is working because ...

It's ALWAYS Worked.

Like I said earlier, the formula we're using was discovered 78 years ago.

There was a guy named Louis ...who wasn't even a marketer ...

...And he used this formula to make one of the "worst" newspaper ads in history.

I say it was the "worst" newspaper ad in history for a few reasons.

First, everybody at his company hated it.

And all the "marketing experts" they hired hated it.

And nobody wanted it to be published.

Because the "ad" ...for all intents and purposes ...really WAS ...


And to tell the truth ...if I'd been around back then, I'd have bet against it.

I'd have begged them not to run it.

I'd be certain it would lose money because ...

  • It was over 6,000 words long.

  • The text was TINY! You'd have to have an eagle-eye just to read it.

  • The "headline" (if you could even call it that) was the worst. It had the word "ought" in it for Pete's sake.

  • There were no graphics.

  • It didn't make ANY claims or promises at ALL!

  • It didn't even try to sell anything.

  • The "call to action" was like ...three sentences ...and it was buried at the end of the ad.

Like I said.


Except ...it worked!

In fact, it ...


Can you believe that??

All from an "ad" that didn't promise anything, was next to impossible to read, didn't sell anything, and was a gazillion words long.

Oh. And it didn't have any pictures.


And once that ad worked, you'd THINK that people would like ...

You know ...MODEL it or something, right?


I know. I can't believe it either.

But I guess people just thought it was a fluke because nobody used this formula again until right around the 70's.

And the guy who used it ...


He's my hero for a lot of reasons but one of them is because when he got started, he wasn't a "marketer" either.

He Was A Former Cook!

Actually ...the word "Chef" sounds better.

So let's say that.

And before then, he was a farmer.

And he was also a SPY in World War II!

(Swear to God)

He used this formula SIX TIMES and he made so much money that ...

He Bought A Castle!

Can you imagine??

Having your own castle?

IN THE 70'S???

Oh the shenanigans that must have ensued ...


You know what?

He didn't just buy the Castle...

He pretty much ....

Bought The Whole Town Too!

No kidding.

The family still has it to this day.

It's in France and it's so cool that the name is just ONE WORD: "Toufou"

The guy who pulled this off was named David Ogilvy and he didn't get started in marketing until he was in his FORTIES.

(Just goes to show that it's never too late.)

Oh ...he also used this same formula to write a series of ads that ...


I know this sounds like I'm "piling it on" but it's entirely true.

He used this exact formula to create ads for Puerto Rico.

Not the kind of ads you might be thinking.


Not ads that were for tourists ...trying to get more people to visit their amazing beaches and take in the wonderful culture there. (It really is a magical place).

No ...


The reason why is because these ads were for a tiny little market that's almost impossible to reach.


In fact, the ads were so hard to write that he had to lock himself indoors for TEN DAYS just to get the first one finished.

See ...the reason it was so hard is because the ads were for ...


And remember - this was long before the Internet.

He had to use NEWSPAPER ADS just to reach them.

It was like finding a needle in a haystack!

But they worked.

The ads were meant to get factory owners to bring their operations to Puerto Rico.

And it worked.

In fact, it worked so well that the entire economy of the COUNTRY of Puerto Rico was changed ...for the better.

The entire standard of living ...jobs ...schools ...everything changed ...FOR EVERYONE ...


And man ...you'd THINK that by now ...SURELY someone would be like ...

"Hey! That worked amazingly well! In fact, it literally worked better than almost anything in the entire history of marketing! Maybe we should try it too!"

But they didn't.

Maybe it's because they got distracted by shiny objects.

Or maybe people thought ...


Or maybe they thought it was too risky.

Come to think of it ...that would make sense.

See ...this approach really is different.

There's no big promises ...

No bold claims ...

No "virtuoso copywriting" ...

None of that stuff.

And yeah, I get it. You might be thinking ...

It's The Exact OPPOSITE Of What You're Used To Seeing!

And if you're thinking that ...you're right!

It really IS the exact opposite.

What's amazing about this is a few things ...

First of all ...

People LOVE To See This Kind Of Marketing!

And that's not an exaggeration.

Every single campaign I've told you about today?

Literally EVERY SINGLE ONE ...



People wrote in after seeing the ads and THANKED THEM for running them.


Think about this:

When was the last time anyone THANKED someone after they got shown an ad?

Could you imagine having people THANK YOU for showing them your ads?

...And then buying your stuff?

It sounds amazing and I can tell you from experience that it IS amazing because it happened to me.

I first started trying to model this approach in 2014.



Not. Fun. At. All.

It took FOREVER just to write ONE ad.

The reason why is this formula is like I said ...the OPPOSITE of "normal marketing".

You don't tell stories, you don't make claims, you don't do any of that stuff.

It's more like you're a researcher and you're writing about your discoveries.

Which ..."on the surface" sounds kind of cool ...

But The Ads Didn't Work.

Which is embarrassing to admit.

I mean ...I'm supposed to be a "guru" or whatever, right?

But they flat out didn't work.

They lost money.

And the reason why is because they were too expensive!

(Actually. If I'm being completely candid, they weren't too expensive. I was just doing it wrong.)

Anyway, I'd pretty much given up on it ...


Now. I gotta be straight with you here.

I have mixed feelings about AI.

Especially if we use it to "trick" people into thinking they're getting something real ...when in reality they're getting something that was made by a robot.

It just seems FAKE to me.

(I wouldn't like it ...would you?)

So I had an idea for ...


Instead of using AI to create "fake" content that you try to pass off as your own, I wondered ...

"What would happen if we used A.I. to do all the heavy lifting ...and then we just take over and make it real by adding a human touch?"

And that's what I did.

I went back and revisited the formula from 78 years ago.

And I told AI to do all the research ...and to write me a ROUGH DRAFT of an ad that was modeled after the formula that had worked so well.

I stared at the screen as it started typing ...

...Eagerly waiting for my masterpiece to appear ...

And when I finally saw it ...I read over it and realized ...

It Wasn't Quite Right.

It was pretty obvious that it was written by a computer.

(You can probably spot stuff that's written by AI too, right?)

But that's OK because all I was looking for was ...

A "Jumpstart"

I figured that if I could just use A.I. to do the research for me and do give me a rough draft ...I could re-write it and save myself HOURS.

So that's what I set out to do.

I took that first draft and I told A.I. to write it again.

This time I asked it to include specific statistics and references.

A few seconds later, the next draft was ready ...

Something Was STILL Wrong ...

But I knew I was close ...

I could FEEL it.

It was almost right ...

But it still sounded like a robot professor wrote it.

And if I had to re-do the entire thing, it would take hours.

I didn't want to do that.

Even the thought of it was discouraging.

But then I got lucky.

I told A.I. to re-write it again ...but for some reason (I'm chalking this up to plain old luck) ...I told it to re-write it so an 8th grader could understand it.

I didn't want it to be "dumbed down" ...I just didn't want it to be BORING.

So I pressed "go" and it started writing the next version.

A few seconds later, it was there on my screen and ...

It Was Perfect!

Well ...

Not TOTALLY perfect because I still had to make some changes ...

But it was like 95% "there".

It only took me about 10 minutes to tweak it and make it my own.

I was so stoked!

In fact, that same day - I told A.I. to write me FIVE MORE ads just like it.

And the process was the same.

I'd tell it what I wanted, it would give me a rough draft, I'd tell it to make it better ...it would ...and then I'd take the final version, add my own personal touch to it, and BOOM.

Mission accomplished.

And Then I Almost Ruined Everything.

I was so excited to turn this into an ad and run it on Social Media.

I knew it would work!

It was EXACTLY like the ones that worked so well in the past ...

And I had SIX of them ready to go!

They were perfect, too.

So I started to do the ads like I usually do ...

And That's When It Hit Me.

If I ran these as "normal" social media ads, they would TANK.

Like ...in the BAD way.

See ...when this formula was created, it was made for the newspaper.

And the newspaper doesn't have an "algorithm" or a "pixel" or anything like that.

You just slap your ad in there and hope for the best!

Of course we're not going to be putting ads in the actual newspaper ...that's expensive compared to online stuff.

But ...there was something missing.

Something about the way the "old school" guys were using the newspaper ...

I couldn't shake it.

Until I remembered ...

The Cheapest Ads On The Planet?

There's a certain type of Social Media ad that I used to scoff at.

They work kind of like a basic little newspaper ads.

No, they're not on any news sites or anything like that. They're still on Facebook and Instagram ...

But this is DIFFERENT because with this one special type of ad, you don't use any "pixel stuff", you don't use any "machine learning" ...in fact you don't do any of the "usual stuff" you think about when it comes to Social media ads.

These specific types of ads are VERY LOW TECH and super easy to set up and manage.

And for the longest time, I ignored them.

But the thing about this ONE type of Social Media ad is that it's SUPER cheap.

Actually, it's not the ad itself ...

It's not like you're using a special type of image or video or "trick" or anything like that.

It's just a "forgotten" option that you can use that basically FORCES FB and IG to show your ads to people for pennies.

As a matter of fact, it usually costs LESS THAN ONE PENNY to show your ad to the absolute perfect prospect. (If you know how to do this right).

For example.

Remember how I told you about using A.I. to help me create six ads using the Forgotten Formula that made so much money back in the day?

Well, I took them and I used this one "forgotten" type of Social Media ad to promote them to my ideal PERFECT prospects ...

And I was able to show them these "magic formula" ads for ...



I just did the math and it cost me 64% of ONE CENT for me to show one of my "Magic Formula" style ads to my absolute PERFECT prospect.

I mean LASER targeted here.

See, the thing about using this one specific type of Social media ad is that when you do, you can get WAY better targeting than you can with the "usual" kind of stuff that everyone else is doing.

For example, I was able to narrow my "perfect target" down to people who:

  1. Live in the United States, AND ...

  2. Are over 35 years old, AND ...

  3. Have a their own business, AND ...

  4. Have their own Facebook BUSINESS Page (this means they probably run ads), AND ...

  5. Are in the top income bracket in the U.S., AND ...

  6. Use Internet Marketing Software.

    Like I said ...LASER targeting. WAY better targeting than the "normal way" you see everyone else talking about.

    But check this out ...

As you know ...I'm a guy who sells "marketing stuff".

And with that said ...don't you think this targeted group of people would be PERFECT prospects to buy "marketing stuff"?

Of course!

I'll tell you what they bought in a minute but first I gotta let you in on what might be the coolest part of this entire approach ...which is ...


Remember ...it cost me LESS THAN ONE PENNY to get one of these perfect ...hyper-targeted people to see one of my "magic formula" ads.

And I had SIX of them running.

Which meant that as soon as I turned my ads on, THOUSANDS of these people saw my ads over and over again ...

And because of the way I set it up (I'll show you how to do this too ...you literally just click one button) ...they saw a DIFFERENT ad EVERY SINGLE DAY!

So from their perspective ...I WAS EVERYWHERE.

Which is awesome because as as the old saying goes ...


And to that super-targeted audience, I was (and still am) ...really famous!

But here's the coolest part of all:

The remember how this all started with that ONE formula that was first used over 78 years ago?

Well ...that's the SAME formula I was using for these ads.

And the ONE THING that really makes this formula magical (at least in the sense that it works like gangbusters) is that IT HELPS PEOPLE.

So yeah, I was able to immediately get famous in this one perfect market of ideal prospects.

And I was able to do it fast. Like ...dang near overnight.

But I wasn't just famous ...


Which was great for a lot of reasons ...

...But ONE reason is that when you help people, they trust you.

And when they trust you, THEY BUY FROM YOU.

(Plus it just feels good knowing that you're helping people.)

Oh ...and you know what else?

All I spent on each ad was ...



This is a little embarrassing...

...But because the ads were so cheap ...

...And because they were working ...

...And because I'm easily distracted ...


No kidding.

When I say "completely forgot" I mean I literally erased them from my memory lol.

And I just let them run ...

Didn't touch them ...

Didn't check on them ...

Never gave them a second thought ...

...And next thing you know, it was SEVENTY DAYS LATER!

And on that one day (yes ...70 days after I turned the ads on and then forgot about them) ...I logged into the special ad account I use for testing, saw how much I spent, and ...

...Checked to see how many sales came in, and realized that ...



It worked!!

I used A.I. to help me model the classic but forgotten formula ...

...I used super cheap social media ads to show them to the absolute perfect prospects.

...I got SUPER FAMOUS in that one audience (plus I got famous for helping people, which is just plain cool).

...And I made THREE TIMES MORE than what I spent!

...After I'd totally forgotten about it!

Man, I'm telling you ...

This Really DOES Work Better Than Anything I've Ever Seen.

I started testing it in December of 2022.

It worked great.

Then I taught a handful of people how to do it in early January of last year.

They loved it.

Then, because all this A.I. stuff changes so fast, I updated some of the tactics and taught it again ...three weeks later.

The second "batch" of students loved it too, but ...

Don't Take My Word For It.
HUNDREDS Of People Have Used This.
Here's What THEY Have To Say ...

What's great is I created a private community for all the people I've taught this to.

And we're in it every day ...exchanging ideas, sharing wins, and helping each other out...

And that's REALLY COOL because we're all having a great time.

But one thing we've all noticed is ...


And they've changed for the BETTER.

We've discovered even MORE opportunity.

...Even MORE types of ads that work amazingly well.

...Even MORE ways to reach your perfect prospects for less than ever before in the HISTORY of marketing.

...And even MORE ways to turn them into customers, faster!

Which is why I've updated everything and why ...


The name of the class is A.I. OG Customer Machine 3.0.

...And this time, we're taking it to an entirely new level.

We'll be working together over FOUR WEEKS where you'll discover the fastest and most effective ways to use A.I. to get SUPER FAMOUS ...almost overnight ...

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